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Should I Say Anything to the Police Before Hiring a Lawyer?

If you are suspected of a crime or have been arrested, one of the most important things to do - say as little as possible. Be respectful to the authorities, but do not put yourself at risk by providing information that may be used against you. Contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Is my initial call for help free?

Yes! Call Michael J. Manning, P.C. Law Office 1-888-912-ATTY (2889) and we will begin helping you!

Do I really need an attorney or can I handle my case myself?

This is a question which our office can help you answer after hearing the facts of the problem you face. Sometimes the answer is no, and you will be advised of self-help methods. However often the answer can be found in the old saying, "He who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer"!

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Before Seeking Help from a Bail Bond Agency?

After a friend or a loved one has been arrested, often the first thoughts is to get the person out of custody or jail. Many people turn to a Bail Bond Agency. Typically, decisions such as these are made "in the moment". Fear and panic may play a role in the decision making process - seeking criminal defense help from an experienced attorney instead of posting bond immediately has several advantages.

How Does Pricing and Fees Work?

The Manning Law Office bills on an hourly basis for legal work performed in your case. An upfront payment (retainer) will be set after consultation with the client and an assesssment of the case. Our philosophy is to accept cases only when it is agreed by the client and the attorney that the cost of representation will be justified in the results we expect to receive. Credit and debit cards are accepted for payment of fees.

What is Attorney Client Privilege and What Should I Tell My Lawyer?

The moment that you speak to an attorney about your case, whether or not you hire them, the attorney client privilege takes effect. This means anything that you discuss with that attorney is protected and privileged. The attorney and his staff are not allowed to discuss your situation with anyone else without your permission, even to family or close friends. Also, any call or conversation cannot be listened to by a third party or used against you by police, prosecutors or the courts.

Your attorney should always be advised of accurate information related to your case. By not sharing information with your attorney, you put your attorney in a position where they may lose their bargaining power with the opposition, the prosecutor or the Court when it is revealed that your representative doesn't know the facts. Therefore, you put yourself at a disadvantage in obtaining a good case outcome.

Can I Change Attorneys?

The courts do not care if you change your attorney. However, since most criminal defense attorneys operate on a flat fee basis, it can be very difficult to get part or all of your fee back. If you fire one attorney and hire another, you may have to pay two fees. However, if there is a risk of severe punishment and you are not happy with the attorney you are with, the money spent on one attorney shouldn't convince you to stay with them if you think you will be unreasonably punished. Switching criminal defense lawyers may positively change the course and outcome of your case. Also, a new attorney may be able to help you recover or at least use some of your fee in their new representation.

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